Anna Manning, MBA, MS

About Anna

Anna's career began as a journey down a rabbit hole beginning with the U.S. Navy and subsequently became a white water rafting adventure in public accounting. After floating in calm waters with her chosen career as a Professional Business and Life Coach (now retired), she saw how different life could have been if she had chosen her future years ago, rather than have allowed her future to choose her for so many years.

Diagnosed with Meniere's syndrome while in the Navy, she retired with a medical disability. Using the educational benefits awarded to her, she earned a BS in Accounting at Mississippi State University. She then obtained her CPA license and worked in the public accounting industry as a tax accountant for many years.

Waking one morning, she asked herself, "Is this all there is to life?" She then remembered a quote by Stephen Covey: "The best way you can predict your future is to create it!"

Within weeks, she applied for graduate school at the University of Texas at Dallas and began work on an MBA in Organizational Behavior and, subsequently, an MS in Management and Administrative Sciences. After a few more years in the field of tax accounting, she enrolled in a coaching curriculum at Coach University and, subsequently, at Corporate Coach University and Relationship Coaching Institute.
Adding the completion of three coaching programs to her previous education and knowledge of life, business, and corporate culture, she began her coaching practice. She discovered that coaching was an incredibly rewarding way to help others through their journey through life, whether that life be a straight line, a serpentine journey, or a white water rafting adventure.

Anna is a graduate of the Core Essentials Program at Coach University, the Advance Corporate Coaching Program at Corporate Coach University, and a graduate of the Relationship Coaching Program at Relationship Coaching Institute. She has over 300 hours of coach training. She is the author of Relationships: A Quick Reference Guide, Weight Loss: A Quick Reference Guide, and The Leroy Tree: A Memoir.


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